New South Comedy Festival

Alchemy Comedy Theater presents the 6th New South Comedy Festival, November 7-16th! Featuring ten days of comedy performances, New South welcomes over 250 comedians from across the country to perform 24 shows and lead 10 comedy workshops in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina!

Schedule of Events:

6:00pm: YOUTH IMPROV COMEDY from NiX Comedy (Greenville, SC), Adliberation (Greenville, SC), Get the Hook (Burnsville, NC)

7:30pm: IMPROV COMEDY from Cold Hearted Mother Effers (Atlanta, GA), Kissmet (Greenville, SC), Co-Workers (Atlanta, GA)

9:00pm: Orange Tuxedo (Los Angeles, CA) and Legends All-stars (Everywhere, USA)

10:30pm: IMPROV COMEDY from The Bed (Atlanta, GA) and Kenny/Rogers (Austin, TX)