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Rachel Mims

Thursday, April 5, 2018

I just ordered food from a manager that was rude as you can get! She had a young girl apparently in training that didn't know how to do anything yet so the young girl gets help, being the manager. Whole the order is being taken she's trying to train, not the issue. The issue was she got my first two subs together went straight to asking what I wanted ok them, when I proceed to inform her I needed more she started "oh my God! Oh my God!" Well your should've told me all your wanted! I proceed to tell her she was assisting the trainee and never asked what else I wanted so how was I to know. I wanted a wrap, she proceeded to say I had to wait 2 minutes they were just taken out, she says it's that fine?! I said well whatever I wouldn't want to inconvenience you! I mean just down tight rude!!! When I said I wanted light mayo and mustard she loaded the hell out of it!!! All off my$31 purchase is sabotaged and left wanting to slap the rude taste out her mouth! Just rude!

Katie Taylor

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Stopped here on Sunday 07/26 around 4 pm. This place is disgusting. All of the people who work there just yell at each other instead of trying to talk. We only stopped here because I needed to change clothes. The bathrooms smell terrible and obviously hasn't been cleaned in a while. We decided eating at the subway would be a safe option. My husband tried ordering 3 different sandwiches and every time the response got was "we out of that". I asked why, since I wasn't offered any explanation and he just said "we've been busy". Never realized a gas station subway in the middle of no where could get that busy. No apology, nothing. My husband ended up opting out of food, since he wasn't going to try and order something a 4th time. The whole place just made me cringe. Gross.

Cheyenne Nunn-Smith

Saturday, April 2, 2016

First of all the customer service is not exemplary. There was no smile no hi how are you. When she was making my sandwich there was no organization to it. And at the end she argued with me about the amount of vegetables supposed to be on a sandwich. As someone who knows a former manager of subway and knows how every sandwich should be made I don't think that's smart. Also why would you be rude to a customer who is just being nice to you and asking a question. Anyways don't go here if you want a good sandwich.

Jorge H

Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2012

Horrible Service at Subway..took about 30 mins 2 get a sub there was only 1person in front and me ...girls there move like in a SUPER SLOW MOTION CARTOON... I dnt think they wanna work there..They should leave the space for someone who needs a Job ...they have a Buffet restaurant which looks like a better optionsl and I talked to a server and seems like they do a wayyy Better Job... Advise to you : if you want or need to stop there then spend 10 for a buffet you can get it togo also ..rather than 8-9 at subway and leave unhappy... I didnt get fuel or mech svc.

Brad Martell

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Was able to get truck right in and price was well below what anticipated