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Aiken County Historical Museum

433 Newberry Street, SW

Aiken County has reinvented itself many times during its more than 300 years of history. From the earliest farming settlements at Silver Bluff, the coming of the railroad, the establishment of the Winter Colony and the equine industry, the building of the Savannah River Site and the more recent development as a retirement area, and location of a highly-rated campus of the University of South Carolina, county residents have seized opportunities to explore new paths.

The Historical Museum is the place to experience the many facets of the county. Located in an historic building in the heart of the Winter Colony district, the Museum provides an insight into the county for adults and children by offering rotating exhibits, educational tours, and children’s exhibits.

Banksia is named for the Banksia rose and is actually two houses joined together on a 3.5 acre lot. The older section is wood and dates from 1840. The large brick section was built in 1931. While the rest of the country was reeling from the Depression, Richard Howe of New York paid $85,000 to build Banksia, which was designed by Willis Irvin. Mr. Howe was 61 years old at the time. Formerly a vice president of International Harvester, Mr. Howe was married into the Deering family. An avid horseman, Mr. Howe used Banksia as his winter home. Look for his initials above the door.


Tyson Capel

Monday, June 25, 2018
This is an excellent museum and I highly recommend it. They have a vast amount of history in this museum! They also have excellent staff!

Stephanie Walker

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Enjoyed visiting the museum. It is a trip worth taking and it's free. Great way to spend the afternoon.

Addison Brown

Friday, June 15, 2018
The museum could do a better job at bringing things in that show our history. Maybe from our foundation as a town to our veterans. the war section just kind of thrown together and I would like them to maybe get the time periods together and show the history instead of having it scattered about.

Jawahar Naidu

Saturday, May 19, 2018
This place has huge collection of history details. One should visit to spend good amount of time to go around all collection they have. Very informative and staff is very cooperative.

Lucia Maria Calve

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018
Beautiful setting for an in depth museum! It explores the many people who contributed to the unique historical tapestry that is Aiken and their effect on our world. Must return, since it takes more than an afternoon to take in its many exhibits.

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