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Family Kingdom Amusement Park

300 South Ocean Blvd

There's just a special place in the hearts of families everywhere for that old-time, warm, friendly amusement park by the sea. Family Kingdom features more than 30 rides including a thrilling wooden roller coaster. Splash down on our Log Flume, freefall 110 feet in our Slingshot Drop Zone, bounce a bit on our bumper cars or hit the Go-Kart tracks. And don't forget, Family Kingdom's oceanfront waterpark is just across the street. We're ready to crank up the fun for you and your family without breaking the bank.


Sarah Sousa

Monday, June 25, 2018
My 3 kids had a blast last night, as did my husband and I, until we rode the Swamp Fox. I HIGHLY ADVISE no one to ride that injury inducing ride. I have a pretty good case of whiplash from it.( Its not a thrill ride as others describe it. Save your coaster thrills for an actual amusement park, this park is more for the kids.) My kids loved all of the rides they were able to get on. Well worth the price of admission. Bonus, military gets a pretty nice discount!!😉

James Barr

Monday, July 16, 2018
I have been going to this park my entire life, I have seen many things come and go around Myrtle Beach and even within this park itself but it has always been a place where my family ends up. It is a great little park with fun rides for the kids and just a great atmosphere. I can remember driving my parents nuts in the summer asking them all morning long if it was 4 yet because that's what time they opened on the weekdays. Great place for a family outing if anything just to walk around and let the kids have a blast. I spend some nights just walking around taking it all in. Family Kingdom is a great piece of Classic Myrtle Beach that we can still enjoy today!

Maria Nunn

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Fun place for the family but be prepared to spend some money. Bought wristbands for the grands but still could not ride several rides without an adult. We had to purchase tickets so our youngest could ride some that required an adult. If you're not over 42 inches tall or over 12 they'll need an adult to ride. Plan on allowing yourself plenty of time, at least 4 hours to enjoy everything.

Tashawnda Anderson

Monday, July 9, 2018
Pay to get the wrist band, if you or someone you are with love to ride. It's$27+ tax...but so worth it,if your child rides over and over again. It wasn't super crowded when we went. We played a few games, typical fair/amusement type games. But we mostly let our little one ride rides. The park was open from 4-1130. Got our moneys worth, rode a while, left to eat and came back to close. You can add a water park pass for $10. Enjoy

Randall Coulter

Tuesday, July 3, 2018
Kids had fun. If your military ask for discount. Even if you have on military hat or shirt. They will not ask you if your military. If you do happen to pay full price they give you 30 minutes to get a refund if over 30 minutes they say sorry should of came earlier. But how do you know to ask if no one tells you about it. They don't advertise it. As I was told it was up to me to ask. So I'm trying to tell everyone.

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