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Frankies Fun Park

140 Parkridge Drive

Frankie's is Thousands of Square Feet of Entertainment.

Sure, we could have named it, 'THE MOST AWESOMEST FUN PARK IN THE WORLD', but Uncle Frankie is glad we didn't. Frankie's is your one stop for good food and great times! Where else can you challenge your family to a mini golf wager, where the loser has to promise not to scream like a girl while they defy gravity being hurled through the air on the Sidewinder? Or where else are you not only encouraged but rewarded for playing video games? Speed limits? Not here. Whether you're 5 or 75, Frankie's Fun Park is the cure to an ordinary Saturday or any other day.

How long have you been trying to impress that hot girl? Maybe it's not you; it's where you're taking her. Did you really think she would be impressed by dinner and a movie? Try, death defying gravity drops and super fast go cart racing on a slick track. Now she's paying attention! And cap off the night with a romantic moonlit mini golf game and winning her the cute stuffed dog she's had her eye on. Now that's a date. You can thank us later.


Kaitlyn LeDe

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
My wife and I love coming here! The go carts are so much fun as well as the batting cages. we don't play putt putt much anymore being we feel rushed if there are people behind us. The drift track and laser tag are also great I also saw they have a new VR arena and cannot wait to try it out! Also the place has worked well on not being too overcrowded! We can go in and enjoy a fun time without having to worry about bumping into a bunch of people! Well done Frankie's

Emmanuel J. Hernandez

Saturday, May 26, 2018
This place is awesome. I've been there many times and the customer service is always great. They usually keep the place clean and functional. The food/kitchen takes forever to be ready. They have had new arcade machines last time I visited. My family and I had a blast.

Stephanie Lease

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Food isn't great but the games are fun. Offers go karting, mini golf and lager tag unlike Dave and Busters. My family had a lot more fun here than DB's for half the price. Simple menu options such as hamburgers and pizza.

Brandon Johnson

Saturday, March 10, 2018
Our children love it. We are constantly entertained as well. Between the excitement in the arcade, the very good put put course and the go-kart racing (for us), it's a great outlet for the kids to have a good time and interact with other kids in a "hyper" atmosphere. My children grew up racing, as did I and have had many go-karts, 4wheelers etc that were extremely fast and still, they are completely entertained and love racing with the adult/child mixture in the different courses. Staff is just that, staff. Unpaid, less enthusiastic persona that guide you along as if they are robots that hate their existence. The kart racing and mini golf course are what makes this place worth visiting.

Renate Marek

Monday, July 2, 2018
We had lots of fun! Some games are over prized! Pizza was great! They would've got 5 Stars if their bathrooms weren't so dirty.

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