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Historic Camden Revolutionary War Site

222 Broad Street


Camden, the oldest existing inland town in the state, was part of a township plan ordered by King George II in 1730. The frontier settlement, initially named Fredericksburg Township (later Pine Tree Hill), took hold by the 1750s, as Quakers and Scots-Irish emigrants and settlers from Virginia put down roots. 

Joseph Kershaw, a native of Yorkshire, England, arrived in 1758 and established a store for a Charleston mercantile firm. He prospered and by 1768 the town was the inland trade center in the colony. At his suggestion, the town became Camden, in honor of Lord Camden, champion of colonial rights. 

In May of 1780 the American Revolution returned to Charleston. It fell. Lord Charles Cornwallis and 2,500 British troops immediately marched to Camden and set up the main British supply post for the Southern Campaign. For eleven months the citizens of Camden understood the atrocities of war. 

Two battles were fought near by. The Battle of Camden, the worst American battle defeat of the Revolution, was fought on August 16, 1780 nine miles north of our museum. Nearby, General Nathanael Greene and approximately 1,400 Americans engaged 950 British soldiers commanded by Lord Francis Rawdon on April 25, 1781. It was a costly British win and forced the Redcoats to evacuate Camden. 


Rachel McLaughlin

Thursday, May 31, 2018
While not a large, time-consuming historic site, it is well worth your time. There is something for every age group and behind the site is the home from the movie "The Patriot". The grounds are easy to navigate and those who look over the sites are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Maryln Hammett

Friday, May 4, 2018
This place was absolutely excellent. The grounds were clean. The historical value and the history was unbelievable. We had a picnic on side the grounds will clean the picnic tables were clean. I will definitely take my children there again.

syb hammett

Thursday, May 3, 2018
It was beautiful location. So much history where I stayed in our country. We have picnic there with the children. I would recommend it to anyone


Saturday, May 5, 2018
Today the wall that heals was that historic Camden. During the year historic Camden has many other events such as the reenactment of the Battle of Camden. What are normal day you can learn a lot about the Battle of Camden and other Revolutionary War error battles in a way of life during that time at historic Camden

Andrew Koutroulakis

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Camden is the most historical city in South Carolina other than Charleston & you can see that history on display at Historic Camden. Every so often they have special events such as reenactments and the like. They also have nature trails & picknic areas. I'd recommend going to their website for information about tours & events before going. Definitely worth a visit.

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