Pavilion Park

1171 Celebrity Circle

Pavilion Nostalgia Park our goal is to accommodate our Guests to the best of our abilities. Our Ride Admission Policy was developed based on the abilities necessary to safely participate and with Guest safety and comfort in mind. Participation on some rides may be restricted due to height, size and physical condition requirements as set forth by the park and ride manufacturer. We strive to provide an entertaining experience with fair and equal treatment for all our Guests.


Joel Beachum

Sunday, Dec. 31, 2017

Great place to visit and lots of options for things to do for all ages. Could check out the Boardwalk or the beach or the arcade or the pier at Pier 14. Could get visit or check out Ripley's or the Shywheel.

Ruth Savoie

Tuesday, Sep. 5, 2017

Limited rides for children to ride unaccompanied. $2 per ticket, 2 tickets per ride, plus an adult has to ride. Gets expensive quick.

James Woda

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Small kids have a limited number of rides they can ride, but their wrist band costs the same as others. There are some rides that small kids can ride, with a paid adult. We originally paid $60 for my two kids. When my oldest found out he couldn't ride without an adult I had to fork out another $30. We had to choose between paying $90 for two hours, or listening our kids throw tantrums.

Adam Harris

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Paid about 200$ for one night in a one bedroom. The offer was for a king bedroom room with a view overlooking the beach. First off the room is small, musty smell, old-worn down utilities with the cheapest blankets. Open up the balcony for my beach view that may redeem the crapfest, standing about 2 feet over the pool with a bunch of gawking tourists looking up at me. Not to mention the palm trees which covered half the view. Couldn't even see the beach. got a refund and left immediately. They need to renovate and step up their game.

Carrie Justice

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2017

I love shopping,eating, a nice drink, live music and carnival rides so, this place is great! 👍👍😁