The Children's Museum of the Upstate

300 College Street


The Children’s Museum of the Upstate sparks a lifelong passion for curiosity and learning through play.


The Children’s Museum of the Upstate seeks to be a leader in innovative family activities, a dynamic learning center and a compelling community attraction.


Julie Lyall

Monday, Nov. 20, 2017

My only complaint about TCMU is the cost of an annual membership, we love everything else about it! This is a great museum - our family really enjoys it. We love meeting up with friends or just going by ourselves on a bad weather day, although it’s good to go when the weather is nice too since the Michelin outdoor playground is awesome! We love the 2-story indoor climbing apparatus, it’s so unique and fun. The water area is a favorite as-is the music room. We also spend loads of time in the grocery store and wind tunnel every time we visit. At first, I was worried about my kids getting tired of the exhibits, but they never have. Love that TCMU allows re-entry as we have had to leave on occasion before we were ready to be done for the day. One day we were there for 5+ hours and my toddler was still upset when I️ said it was time to leave. Sign of a good time.

Ryan Seamans

Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2017

If you have children, this is a must visit location. This is less a museum and more a giant play area. While there are obvious "exhibits" funded by local businesses, the play they offer is thoroughly entertaining for a wide age group of children. The playground itself is more than worth the admission price, as is the water play area. Be sure to bring spare clothes if your children like to play in water. Only marks off come from a lack of food options onsite. There is a place that gets Chic-Fillet delivered and sells it, but on busy days it sells out, and since it's just being kept warm, can be less than fresh. Best to either bring food or be ready to go out after to eat.

tammi smith

Monday, Oct. 30, 2017

Great place to learn and have fun. I enjoyed it a lot and plan on going back. I thought it was a little expensive if going every week but for a day of fun,it was great. I went when the museum gave a free day and I will definitely attend next year.

Victoria Marlow

Sunday, Sep. 24, 2017

We and our 4 year old daughters loved the Children's Museum and we look forward to bringing them again. Everything is an experience, meant to interact and be touched. Some things my daughters were a bit young for but that means that they'll enjoy it as they grow.

David Wiskochil

Friday, Sep. 8, 2017

This is a giant children's activity museum, and it is fantastic. The place is filled over three floors of activities designed to spur questions about the natural world while having a great time. My kids and I loved it, and are considering becoming members in order to get a better admission rate for return visits.