The 10 Best Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants in South Carolina!

While there are plenty of delicious restaurants to try throughout the Palmetto State, there has been an emergence of vegan and vegetarian-friendly eateries. It may not be as common in the deep-fried South, but you’ll find spots serving up everything from veggie burgers to teriyaki anti-chicken salads at our favorite vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in South Carolina. 

1. Gnome Cafe, Charleston, SC

The plant-based fare you’ll find here is so natural it might just be the same stuff gnomes eat (if they existed, of course). Plants are at the heart of everything they create, and aim to challenge the taste buds of even the most meat-loving carnivore. Between sandwiches, salads, coffee and desserts, you’ll never think of plants the same way again.

2. Rawtopian Bliss, Columbia, SC

This little slice of vegan heaven isn’t just a restaurant—it’s a complete lifestyle, and you’ll feel it the moment you step through the door. They’ve taken some of your most favorite comfort foods, like pizza and spaghetti, and transformed them into nothing short of culinary bliss.

3. Black Bean Co., Charleston, SC

Who says greasy, meaty fast food is the only stuff you can get on the go? Black Bean Co. changes that mantra by producing healthy vegan and vegetarian options quickly (especially when you order online!). Black Bean Co. doesn’t just seek to fill your stomach—they believe the right foods can fill your soul and keep you energized and focused.

4. Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe, Columbia, SC

No meat, no dairy, just tasty vegan options to fill your healthy appetite. Lamb’s Bread Vegan Cafe has been a staple in the city’s clean eating scene since long before eating vegan became trendy. They source local produce to bring southern comfort food out of its traditionally deep fried slumber and show your taste buds that nature still does it best.

5. Swad Restaurant, Greenville, SC

Authentic Indian cuisine meets healthy living in this vegan-friendly restaurant. If you’re from India or have ever visited, you might think you’ve traveled back to the motherland once you taste your meal. Even the Greenville Vegan Society approves!

6. Good Life Cafe, Columbia, SC

Raw vegan food isn’t just for dinner. Good Life Cafe packs health into every smoothie they serve. Inspired by flavors from Italy, Thailand, India, Mexico, and America, Good Life Cafe focuses on how foods in their most natural state can make life taste better. Aside from smoothies, you can grab a variety of appetizers, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and noodles form the noodle bar—all as wholesome as nature intended.

7. The Gathering Cafe, Charleston, SC

Can comfort food also be healthy food? The Gathering Cafe has made it possible. Aside from sourcing fresh, local ingredients, they make it easy to customize your healthy meal from the dish up. You can also make a grab-and-go to take home family sized portions.

8. The Sprout Cafe, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Obviously you don’t dig in to live steaks, but at the Sprout Cafe you might be surprised to know that your food is very much alive. That’s because they use raw, natural ingredients that still contain enzymes that otherwise would have been killed from processing and extreme heating. It’s just good food, just like nature intended.

9. Five Loaves Cafe, Charleston, SC

This one isn’t exclusively vegetarian, but it does boast quite the selection for non-meat eaters. Wholly vegan and vegetarian digs are hard to come by, but Five Loaves Cafe strives to harmonize the eating habits of herbivores and carnivores with one delicious menu. Their guests agree.

10. Health in Hand, Spartanburg, SC

You might find that a fresh, cold-pressed juice gives you all the fuel you need to power through your day. And that’s exactly what this ambitious juice and smoothie bar aims to do. No syrups, no sugars, just clean, raw fruits and vegetables, conveniently bottled and ready for you to grab-and-go. It sure makes saying no to the drive-thru that much easier.

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