Hall of Horrors Haunted Attraction

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017 at 7:30pm

1153 Walter Price Street

HALL OF HORRORS: ORIGINS brings Frederick Darling's formative years to haunting reality where you will experience his abusive childhood, his orphaned adolescence, and his isolated years of medical residency. Desperate to prove himself, do his ends justify his means? Is science ever worth the sacrifice?

Mission: Survival Zombie Experience

This is a ten minute outdoor mission for 2-5 people.

Will your group be the fastest to complete all three missions before you are infected by the zombies?

Three Missions:
1. Find the Doctor
2. Find the Antidote
3. Escape with Both

Blackout Show Starts @ 7:30pm
Box Office Closes @ 10:30pm

Origins General Admission: $10
‚ÄčOrigins RIP Admission (skip-the-line): $20
Mission: Survival Zombie Experience: $10