Treedines Haunted Farm Attraction

Wednesday, Oct 30, 2019


The Forest has become a haven for all those seeking victims.  A mad scientist, witch & more are always looking for not so willing volunteers, but our clowns just want a playmate (even if some assembly is required).  Jason is making sure Camp Crystal Lake has vacant cabins & Leatherface always has someone stewing (Watch out for the peppercorns).  The Creeper is sleeping this year, but that doesn't mean the fields aren't being protected.  While the Boogeyman stalks, other monsters are on the hunt.  You will be a victim, the only question is whose?

Multiple attempts in clearing Midnite Hill were met with violence from the monsters who have claimed the area as theirs.  Due to this, Midnite Hill has been deemed "unsafe" for the public, but that doesn't mean the residents won't still say hello.

Weather Permitting The first group of 8-10 will depart into the forest 5 minutes after dark each night

The Ticket Booth is open from 7pm til 11pm on Friday & Saturday nights, 7pm til 10pm all other nights.

Entrance Gate closes with ticket booth, we stay til the last group goes thru. 


The Forest - $20.00
Parking - $1.00